Triple Fairyloot Unboxing: February, March and April

Hello my dear bookaholic friends ✨

Last Christmas I got a 6-month Fairyloot subscription as a gift from my partner (I might have insisted and aggressively hinted at it for at least 4 months before Christmas 🤭). Fairyloot is like a magic trunk from a fairy-land. It is a UK-based subscription box in which you get a newly released YA fantasy each month and many bookish goodies, all linked to a theme! The book as well as the goodies are a surprise but Fairyloot does leave a tempting trail of hints in their Instagram, which snoopy readers like me use to guess the book of the month 🧐

Fairyloot is pretty much sacred to me, and I make a huge ordeal of opening it! While I spend a lot of time choosing the perfect unboxing music and lighting candles for the perfect atmosphere, I have been spending way too little time sharing the goodies here in my blog! I shared the January unboxing but after that I started slacking 😱 So I am back to save the year with a massive triple Fairyloot unboxing! Let’s unbox all of them 🤩

I’ll do this chronologically, starting from February, so if you’re not interested in my ooohing and aahing at the older items, you can scroll waaay down for the newest box, April unboxing 😊

Are you ready? I’m READY

ready come on GIF
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Fairyloot Unboxing for January

It’s finally time for my Fairyloot unboxing for January!

Fairyloot is a monthly bookish subscription box based in the UK! Every month they select a theme and fill a box with bookish goodies that fit the theme, in addition to a newly released, hardcover, signed YA fantasy book. The contents are a surprise until you open up this magical treasure crate. See more in their website.

treasure chest box GIF by The Endless Mission
I have yet to receive a golden pineapple from Fairyloot

I got a Fairyloot subscription from my husband for Christmas. I was pretty much jumping around the livingroom with tears in my eyes when he told me. I’M SO GRATEFUL. He got me a subscription once before, a year ago, and Fairyloot turned out to be preeetty much holy for me 😂 I get super excited once the theme is announced, I stare at my calendar longingly for weeks until the crate gets here and then I make a huge event for myself of unboxing it. I need candles, quiet music and lots of room to get hyped. And then I get excited about the next box while enjoying the previously received goodies. If someone built a religion around bookish subscription boxes I would join.

And She is Beaaauuutifuuul

Let’s start unboxing!! A note of warning, if you are subscribed to Fairyloot but for some reason haven’t received your box or have yet to find the perfect time to open it (relatable), stop reading here to avoid getting spoiled for the January box. (Then come back later to hype with me!!)

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July Fairyloot unboxing

I’m so excited to share with you my Fairyloot unboxing for July! Unfortunately, this will be my last box for awhile as I got the subscription as a gift and I’m now running out of months. SAD. I love these boxes with all my heart!


A little info: Fairyloot is a UK based subscription book box that ships internationally. The boxes come monthly and they always include a newly released hardcover fantasy YA book and bookish goodies surrounding a delicious theme that changes every month. Everything in the boxes is a surprise!

A word of warning! If you are still waiting for your July Fairyloot or if you are saving the opening of it to a perfect moment, please don’t proceed! You will get spoiled on what’s in the box. But come back when you’ve unboxed your loot so that we can hype together! 😊

Let’s dive into the box!


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June Fairyloot Unboxing

Fairyloot is a subscription based book-box that includes a newly released hardcover with a signed book plate and loads of bookish goodies surrounding a monthly changing theme. Everything in the box is a surprise!

I LOOOVE Fairyloot. I squeak from joy everytime I see one of the sneak peeks by Fairyloot on Instagram and around the time when the box is supposed to arrive I refuse to leave my flat in case I miss the mail-man who is carrying my bookbox baby. I also love Fairyloot so much that I tend to save opening the box until there are absolute zero distractions. Opening a subscription box is a holy experience. That’s also why this unboxing is a bit late 😂 We had loads of guests over in June which was super nice but I just couldn’t open my box before they left. But then the opportunity came 😍 And 😍 It 😍 Was 😍 Beautiful 😍

Below is my Fairyloot unboxing! If you have yet to receive (or open lol) your June box then proceed with caution or come back later (to gush with me!) when you have opened your box. This blog is a safe, spoiler-free area 🤗 😇


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Fairyloot May 2018 unboxing

fairyloot banner

I got my May Fairyloot!


Fairyloot is a UK based subscription box. The box always includes a newly released YA fantasy book in hardcover and a bunch of amazing bookish goodies, all linked to a theme.

This month’s theme was Save the Kingdom (!!) and Fairyloot hinted in April that it is filled with items inspired by An Ember in the Ashes, The Winners Trilogy, The Remnant Chronicles and Throne of Glass. Well umm I haven’t read any of those, but an Ember in the Ashes and the Remnant Chronicles are in my TBR. Also, I’m always down for some kingdom saving.

Behold! Ahead lay them spoilers. Stop reading if you have yet to receive your May box (but come back later to hype with me!).

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