The Animal Crossing Book Tag!

Hello there! ✨

I’m a big fan of Animal Crossing (ever since I played it for countless hours on Nintendo DS as a kid), and couldn’t not get caught in the hype train for New Horizons! I got myself a Nintendo Switch Lite and started playing Animal Crossing yesterday πŸ₯³

I’m already in love with it! I thought that the game would pose a huge threat on my reading, but I feel like it could have the opposite effect and I could get through quite a few audiobooks while playing 😊 I have been in a kind of reading slump for the past month, and now I feel re-invigorated to enjoy my free time again.

To celebrate Animal Crossing, I wanted to do a themed tag for today’s post. The Animal Crossing Book Tag was created by McKenzie @ The Bookish Things and Tea, and she has also made pretty graphics that I’m using in this post 😊 As a lover of books, Animal Crossing and tags, I can’t wait to get started!

If you don’t know what Animal Crossing is, I highly recommend you to check out Meaghan @ Hail and Well Read’s post here! She doesn’t only explain the gist of the game but there is also a danger that she will turn you into Animal Crossing fan as well 😱

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Try a Chapter Tag: Fairyloot Edition

Hello my dear bookaholics πŸ’•

Today I’m doing a Try a Chapter Tag – and I’m incredibly excited about it! This tag was created by Malia @ The Book Paradise and the rules are simple: pick out some books you’ve been meaning to read and read the first chapter of each to decide whether you’d like to read the entire book soon or not. I think reading the first chapter can give me a good perspective on the atmosphere and the writing style. I tend to dislike synopses because they reveal too much about the plot.

I wanted to do a Fairyloot edition of the tag because after having received Fairyloot subscription as a gift for some time, I have fallen behind in reading the books of the month! I want to read all of them, but I can’t decide in what order to do that. So, I’ll be reading the first chapter of each book to help me put them into an order. I’ll then try to read the 1st book on the list every month!

Warning: I’ll be including books from a range of Fairyloot boxes in this post, including books from the 2019 September and August boxes (but not October). If you have yet to receive your box for September or August, you might be spoiled for the book if you keep reading! Otherwise there will be no spoilers at all (I won’t even have any after reading just one chapter πŸ˜‚ )

Here is my glorious stack of Fairyloot books:

Look how amazing all of their coloured pages are! There are more coloured ones than plain ones!

All the books and the boxes they came in:

  • Beyond a Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake: April 2018
  • Onyx & Ivory by Mindee Arnett: May 2018
  • Circle of Shadows by Evelyn Skye: January 2019
  • To Best the Boys by Mary Weber: March 2019
  • Nocturna by Maya Motayne: April 2019
  • The Beholder by Anna Bright: May 2019
  • Wicked Fox by Kat Cho: July 2019
  • The Merciful Crow by Margaret Owen: August 2019
  • Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin: September 2019
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It’s Finally Fall Book Tag

Autumn is the perfect reading season. I can’t help but be excited about dark, cold evenings when I can wrap myself into a sweater and a blanket, and read a spooky (not really spooky because I’m a chicken but somewhat spooky) book while sipping red wine surrounded by a bunch of chai-scented candles. Perfection.

dog halloween GIF
So I totally meant to put in a gif that radiates autumn-atmosphere but then I saw this pupper corgi having a fierce fight with a mini-pumpkin and forgot what I was supposed to be doing. So… Enjoy!

I was tagged in It’s Finally Fall Book Tag by the sweet & wonderful Caro @ The Bookcheshire Cat 😍 Thank you Caro! If you aren’t following her blog yet, go do that quick! You’re seriously missing out, Caro does amazing reviews, book recommendations, tags and much more.

This tag was created by talltalsreads πŸ’•

Spread the autumn appreciation and tag some people!

Don’t feel pressured to do the tag if you don’t want to! And if you want to do the tag, consider yourself tagged by me!

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✨ First Blog-versary, Giveaway + The Liebster Award✨

Hello my fellow bookaholics!

A week and a year ago I set up The Bookaholic Dreamer and wrote my first ever blogpost, a Newbie Tag with a bunch of gifs and distasteful, awkward jokes. I wanted to have a channel in which to share my love of books so that I could stop exhausting my partner and friends with all the endless TBRs, wrap-ups and recommendations my mind was full of. It felt like a brave but lonely decision; I was certain that I would have a lot of fun writing posts about books but I also knew that no one would ever stumble across this place. Until you suddenly did. And it wasn’t lonely anymore. Instead, I suddenly was able to join in on the community that I was a big fan of. I was welcomed into a world full of fellow bookaholics.

It can be quite lonely in the world even when you are surrounded by family and friends. For me this was because of my intense bookish-ness. While I could get my partner to read some of my favourite books, he wouldn’t go quite as hyped about new releases or book covers as I would. Many people around me meant to be kind, but they also told me that I should be on a pub crawl instead of reading on a Friday night, and that I should downsize my bookshelves or get rid off editions I love. What made me lonely, was a complete lack of people who would fully understand my love for books. People to whom I could talk about Aurora Rising by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman and who wouldn’t need a backstory about the brilliantness of the Illuminae Files. Or people who know the feeling when you are asked what you did the day before and you want to respond that you were fighting dragons, solving a murder mystery or falling in love in a space ship. Now I have all of you.

Thank you for being there.

I wanted to celebrate this one-year birthday somehow here in the blog in addition to giving this monologue that caused me to ugly cry for 20 minutes. First of all, there will be a giveaway! I have never done one of these before so I’m quite nervous 😬 At the bottom of this blogpost you will find a Rafflecopter and some instructions, and you could win Β£15 worth of books from Wordery. The giveaway is not sponsored by anyone but my own warmth-filled heart and thin wallet, and the giveaway is open for anyone to whom Wordery ships to (INT).

To celebrate, I also wanted to do something that I haven’t done in a while but love doing; a tag! Bibi @ Bibi’s Book Blog kindly tagged me at the Liebster Award recently. Thank you so much Bibi! You should check out her blog, she not only does amazing tag posts but also great reviews, giveaways and discussions!

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The Christmas Stocking Tag

Merry Christmas to all those who are celebrating and a nice and relaxing week for all those who are not 😊 !

merry christmas GIF

The lovely and sweet Caro @ The Book Cheshire Cat tagged me in this Christmasy tag. Thank you Caro 😍 😘 If you haven’t checked out her blog, then ack, were have you been? QUiCk! Rush to see Caro’s Blogmas posts, she has written a bunch of amazing book and movie recommendations, fabulous reviews and a lot more.

Let’s get cracking with the tag!

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Halloween Creatures 2.0 Book Tag

Is it a bird? Is it an airplane? Is it Pauliina dressed up as a traffic light for Halloween because she can’t think of a better costume? (Well, yes, that too) No! It’s a Halloween tag!

I’m a huge lover of tags but for some reason I haven’t organised enough time to enjoy them lately.

84 years GIF
… since I last did a tag.

But now it’s the time to correct my tag deficit. I was really happy when I noticed that the lovely Kelsey @ There’s Something About KM nominated me to do the Halloween Creatures 2.0 tag. Thank you so much Kelsey! Be sure to check out her bookblog!

With Halloween happening next Wednesday, it’s the perfect time for this tag! Let’s get bookishly-spooky! All the links in book titles open up a magical door to that book’s Goodreads page.


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20 Questions Book Tag

Β I was nominated by Sophril Reads to do the 20 Questions Book Tag an eternity (KRRHM a month) ago and now I’m finally here to answer these deliciously bookish questions and challenge fellow bloggers to do the same. If you haven’t checked out Mary @ Sophril Reads I urge you to do so asap! She does loads of great tags, memes and exciting book tours so go ahead, I know you want to check out her gorgeous blog.

On to the questions! I’m as excited as I always am when doing tags.



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Bookish A-Z Survey

Tag time is the best time! I was tagged by the wonderful Bibi @ Bibi’s Book Blog already back in July, sorry for taking such a long time to get to it! If you haven’t visited Bibi’s Book Blog you absolute should because she is really nice and funny and has great book recommendations.

Today’s tag is the Bookish A-Z Survey which was created by Jaimie @ The Perpetual Page Turner. The idea is to answer a bunch of fun, bookish questions from A to Z!

excited cat GIF

Who’s excited? I’M EXCITED.


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