2021 Reading Resolutions Check: Am I completing my reading challenges?

Hello there!

In November I have been taking part in Destiny @ The Howling Libraries Devour Your TBR reading challenge, Remember November, in which the idea is to read books that were part of yearly challenges and pick up books that have been waiting for a long time. This challenge got me excited to check on the challenges that I’m doing in 2021 and whether I’m on route to hit them!

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2021 New Year’s Resolutions & Update on How I’m Doing So Far

Hello there!

I’m on a roll doing these New Years posts when we are well on our way into spring already. But better late than never! I’m really enjoying writing these, and today I get to talk about my New Year’s resolutions! As we are already in March, I’ll also give updates on how I’m doing with each challenge so far.

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End of the year posts:

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21 Books for 2021: A Yearly TBR

Hello there! Hope you are having a great day!

I’m lightyears behind everyone else, but here I am – slowly, very slowwlyyy making my way through these beginning of 2021 posts.

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Even though I know I’m late with these, I’m really enjoying writing them! I could still be doing these in May who knows haha.

Today I get to show you my 2021 TBR! I had a yearly TBR for 2020 which I did not follow at all, but I tried my best to be mindful to cater for my changing mood when selecting these 21 books. I’m also making it a goal to check up on how I’m doing with this TBR every couple of months! I chose books for this list that I want to challenge myself to read, books that I have been putting off for a long time and books that I have been excited about for some time.

End of the year posts:

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All Books I Read in 2020, Ranked from Best to Worst

Hello there!

Today I’m ranking all the books I read in 2020 from best to worst! I had a good reading year in 2020 and managed to finish 59 books. It’s pretty fun to see them all together like this – I can’t help but notice how much fantasy I read 🀩

The list starts with my favourites of 2020 and ends in the worst books I read. Even though the last few books in the list I strongly disliked, a large majority of these books I enjoyed. In fact, everything until #49 received three or more stars from me! The top 30 were really difficult to rank as I loved so many books in 2020.

I can’t wait to show you these books so let’s get started! As there are so many, I have left all commentary out. I’ll do a separate Top10 of 2020 post soon!

End of the year posts for 2020:

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2020 Reading Wrap-up: Reading Stats + How Did I Do With my 2020 Reading Challenges?

Happy New Year! 🌠 πŸŽ‡ πŸŽ†

I hope you have had a great start to 2021. I have a feeling that this will be a good one!

Although I’m already dreaming of all the books I can read in 2021 and all the new releases that are coming out, I must take a peek at how 2020 went. I’m actually pretty scared because the entire pandemic and busyness at work has meant that I have had a hard time sticking to TBRs. But honestly, I’m just happy that we have all made it here!

In this post I’ll go through my reading stats first, then we will dive into all the crazy things I promised to read (and didn’t). This post will be one of many I hope to do on my 2020 reading! Keep your eyes peeled for my Top 10 of 2020 and All Books I Read in 2020, Ranked from Best to Worst πŸ‘€

Let’s get into it!

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All Books I Read in 2019 – Ranked from Best to Worst

Hi all πŸ’•

Today I get to share with you a post that I have been wanting to do for a long time! I’m diving back into 2019 reading for a bit, and I’m going to be going through all of the 85 books I read in 2019, ranked from my favourite to my least favourite!

This post is going to be a massive, delicious list of books without any explanations, ratings or rantings! The list is mainly based on my enjoyment of each book, in comparison to everything else I read in 2019. If you are interested in getting more information and my full thoughts, take a peek at my other end of the year posts:

Best Books of 2019

Worst Books of 2019

You can also find a review of most of these books on my Goodreads page (I’d love to be your friend there too!).

Also keep your eyes peeled for these posts that are coming up soon:

  • 2019 Bookish Statistics
  • 20 for 2020: A year-long TBR & Reading challenges

I was lucky in 2019 and I mostly enjoyed the books that I read 😊 Even though something is lower on this scale doesn’t mean that I hated the book!

Let’s get into the list 🀩

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Favourite Books of 2018: Top 10 with Stats

The year is coming to its end and it’s time to start combing through what I read in 2018! Today I’ll be listing my favourites of the year, and next I’ll add posts on my least favourites and a complete list of everything I read, ranked in order of preference. So stay on the lookout if you want to see those! πŸ‘€

Favourites first! This is a list of ten books that I want to read again and again and fall into their mysterious book-page-arms. I’ll swoon over them until the end of times.

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PPssst click on the title to visit the Goodreads page for each book

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