Fall Book Haul

I cannot resist shining new books if I happen to find them for a good price. My TBR is already looming over me, but how could I resist! What if the next candidate for buying these books is a book-destroying-monster and these precious beauties goes to that person if I don’t give them a loving and safe home? (I have to admit that this reasoning is a bit tricky when I buy ebooks.)

Most of the books I buy are for my kindle because I get really good deals through eReaderIQ. If you want to know more about that, I talked about it in my last haul which you can check out here!

🐰 = ebook, 🌟 = new physical copy, 🍉 = second hand physical copy, 🎉 = a sale find


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All of the Books I Bought in July & August

I’m finally doing my first book haul! I’m hoping to start doing these once in a while because I love reading about other book bloggers’ shiny new books.

A huge proportion of the books I buy are for Kindle. As a student I can’t afford to buy loads of books but my bookaholic tendencies are nicely satisfied by frequent flash-sales for Kindle books. I follow these flash-sales with eReaderIQ which I STRONGLY recommend using if you’re a fellow ereader-person.


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