It’s Finally Fall Book Tag

Autumn is the perfect reading season. I can’t help but be excited about dark, cold evenings when I can wrap myself into a sweater and a blanket, and read a spooky (not really spooky because I’m a chicken but somewhat spooky) book while sipping red wine surrounded by a bunch of chai-scented candles. Perfection.

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So I totally meant to put in a gif that radiates autumn-atmosphere but then I saw this pupper corgi having a fierce fight with a mini-pumpkin and forgot what I was supposed to be doing. So… Enjoy!

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Most Anticipated New Releases for Autumn 2019

It’s among us – the season for warm blankets, woollen socks, pumpkin spiced lattes, and BOOKS. So many books. Endless amounts of new releases, mostly from my favourite genre – fantasy 🤩 I’m hyped!

I’m so hyped that I have collected a gazillion new releases that I’m most excited about in this blog post. I’m ready to make my bank account cry crocodile tears.

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These new releases span from September to November. Click on the title for the Goodreads page! I’m always waffling but because this list is so long, I’ll try to keep my gushing to a minimum. Check the Goodreads page for each one for full synopses 😊

My apologies for this list being so late, I was super busy getting started with a new degree in a new city and I also suffered from some awful technical problems 😅

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