Review Policy

Current status: Not accepting review copies.

Hello! This page is an overview of my book preferences and what I read & review. You can contact me on

thebookaholicdreamer at outlook dot com

or by the contact form.

I accept young adult (YA), new adult (NA) and adult books. I accept a range of formats as I read physical books, e-books (on Kobo and Kindle) and I also listen to audiobooks. I prefer to have my ebooks as .epub and .mobi and graphic novels as .pdf.

I share my thoughts on all review copies in Goodreads, this blog and in Amazon. Additionally, I try to leave reviews in Waterstones’ website. If I have received an arc through Netgalley or Edelweiss, I will also review the book there.

I accept both traditionally published and self-published review copies.

I read diversely, and I love

  • Fantasy
  • Magical realism
  • Literary fiction and contemporary
  • Historical fiction
  • Sci-fi
  • Poetry
  • Nonfiction (especially science, mental health, memoirs and feminism)
  • Short stories
  • Graphic novels, mangas & comics

I don’t read much but I can consider

  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Humour
  • Paranormal

I don’t currently accept

  • Crime (I might consider something other than police officer-crime or detective-crime)
  • Horror
  • Erotica
  • True crime
  • Cooking books
  • Christian literature
  • Self-help

I accept review copies according to how interesting the synopsis and cover appear to me and whether I am busy or not (usually with university stuff).

I reserve the right to DNF (did not finish) any review copy I have accepted. I may DNF a book if it doesn’t spark joy to me, if I am not invested in the story, or if I happen to find the contents too triggering for me. I do not generally write full reviews on books that I have DNF:ed, and usually I write a short summary of my thoughts in Goodreads only.

My reviews are always 100% honest, and receiving a free copy for review does not sway my opinions at all. Therefore, I have full rights to write a negative review to any book I did not enjoy.

As a mood reader, I cannot adhere to strict reading schedules. If you need the review by a specific date, please let me know. My university studies are intense and I read books leisurely whenever I have time. Sometimes unexpected things happen and my reviews are late. I can schedule reviews but I prefer to have 2 months of notice. I am open to discussing deadlines.

I write non-spoilery reviews about my thoughts as extensively as possible. I usually include GIFs in my reviews to make them more fun. I use star-ratings to indicate my feelings on books: 1-5 stars with half stars included.

My rating of the book will be based on two factors: my enjoyment of the book and my perceived quality of the book. I have written a long discussion of my rating habits, please read it if you’re interested. A book with high quality and zero enjoyment will receive at most 2.5 stars from me and the same is true for a book with very low quality but high enjoyment. My favourite books are often rated 5+ which means that the book received 5 for both quality and enjoyment and I also gave it a sticker of excellence (not a physical, concrete sticker).

Enjoyment on the vertical Y-axis and quality on the horizontal X-axis, the colours indicate: red: 1 star, yellow: 2 stars, green: 3 stars, teal: 4 stars, blue: 5 stars, and purple: 5+

I don’t do blog tours at this time.

I am open to hosting giveaways in instagram, twitter and this blog. However, if the giveaway is for a physical item I expect to be compensated for shipping costs. I cannot host a giveaway for an item that I have not used myself or for a book that I haven’t read.

I am open for cover reveals. I can host a cover reveal in instagram for a book that sounds interesting to me, even without reading it. In my blog, I prefer to have a cover reveal attached to an arc review of the book.

I am open for doing unboxings. I have done quite a few unboxings for Fairyloot after having purchased them myself.

I am open for promoting book-related things or books but only if I have tried/read them and enjoy them.

I am interested in doing author interviews but I need to have read & enjoyed a book by the author first.

I can do different kinds of posts upon request.

Bookblogger collaborations and guest posts: I am totally on board for both of these. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I am very very grateful for Esmee @ Ezzie’s Bookshelf for her Review Policy post and instructions for writing one. My review policy is heavily based on Esmee’s ideas. Thank you Esmee!