About Me

Hi you!

Welcome to my little blog, The Bookaholic Dreamer. My name is Pauliina and I am a bookaholic currently living in Scotland.

I love reading (surprise 😊) and I’m quite diverse in my tastes. My favourite is fantasy but I also love literary fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, graphic novels, sci-fi, poetry, not-too-scary-suspense, and a lot more. I love e-reading, physical books, and audiobooks. I e-read on a Kindle Voyage and a Kobo Forma. I don’t like any form of book-purism; I love it when people read regardless of how they do it or what they read. Come chat with me about books, I would love that!

Some very random facts about me:

I like cake and coffee.

I love tattoos and I currently have 6. I aspire to be a tattoed from head to toe by the time I’m 80.

I also like wine and yoga.

I’m vegan and cakes are my weakness.

I love nerdy stuff like research and statistics. I’m doing a PhD in informatics and psychology, and the project revolves around reading behaviour and habits.

I have a bookstagram as well! @TheBookaholicDreamer

I’m married to a sweet goofball called Mikko who is a great baker and a brilliant software designer. We got married young cause we wanted to have a party WOOP WOOP (it was great).

I am a feminist, an environmentalist and proudly liberal. I love to debate about stuff.

I am a total introvert but I like to meet new people and chat nevertheless. Come say hi!