Triple Fairyloot Unboxing: February, March and April

Hello my dear bookaholic friends ✨

Last Christmas I got a 6-month Fairyloot subscription as a gift from my partner (I might have insisted and aggressively hinted at it for at least 4 months before Christmas 🤭). Fairyloot is like a magic trunk from a fairy-land. It is a UK-based subscription box in which you get a newly released YA fantasy each month and many bookish goodies, all linked to a theme! The book as well as the goodies are a surprise but Fairyloot does leave a tempting trail of hints in their Instagram, which snoopy readers like me use to guess the book of the month 🧐

Fairyloot is pretty much sacred to me, and I make a huge ordeal of opening it! While I spend a lot of time choosing the perfect unboxing music and lighting candles for the perfect atmosphere, I have been spending way too little time sharing the goodies here in my blog! I shared the January unboxing but after that I started slacking 😱 So I am back to save the year with a massive triple Fairyloot unboxing! Let’s unbox all of them 🤩

I’ll do this chronologically, starting from February, so if you’re not interested in my ooohing and aahing at the older items, you can scroll waaay down for the newest box, April unboxing 😊

Are you ready? I’m READY

ready come on GIF

February Unboxing

Here she is 😍 Let’s open this baby up!

February’s theme was Beast & Beauty and the theme reveal in the January box told me that all the items in this box are inspired by Beauty and the Beast 🤩 as a lover of Beauty and the Beast retellings, I am over the moon with the theme! I also really liked the live action movie with Emma Watson as Belle, ah, so good.

This beautiful content card was designed by Taratjah, and it is gorgeous! I really wish I had the space to frame all these beautiful theme cards.

Uuuuuuh it is something soft!

AAAah, holy! This soft package right at the top of the box is a massive Beauty and the Beast tapestry! The fabric is soft and velvety. The print looks like it is an oil-painting of the legendary dance scene and it was made by Sweet Sequels. I love the snow details! I have been aggressively looking for a place to hang this beauty but haven’t found one yet. It’s the size of my kitchen floor 😅

Next up is this beautiful tumbler with moving gold-glitter 😍 It came with a durable straw to match and I loove using this on hot days when drinks with ice are a must. One side of the tumbler sports a pretty quote from KDP Letters that says ‘A Tale as Old as Time’ and the other side has a rose design by Taratjah. I really like it but I wish the rose didn’t have the blue background, the gold glitter deserves more attention!

The next item was in a mysterious, small black box ✨ A cute little trinket dish! I love the quote on it: “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it” which is obviously a great pun 😂 I use this one all the time for earrings when I’m too lazy to put them back in their boxes. The tray was designed by Drop and Give Me Nerdy.

The next item, ah! It is a perfume roller, scented with vanilla and white tea made by Little Heart Gifts and the scent is inspired by Mrs Potts. This scent is absolutely heavenly, it is not too sweet but a perfect blend of herb and vanilla. I admit that I tend to carry this with me all the time and I sniff it if I have a crazy craving for sweets but don’t have any around.

Next up is a cute little rose enamel pin! I really like the design and it has made its way to my denim jacket for good. It was designed by IceyDesigns.

Then we have an art piece of Belle. And, look at it 😱 It’s gorgeous! Love the realistic style and it goes high on the list of Beautiful-Prints-I’m-Desperate-To-Frame. This item is by @amaretta_.

Next we have some paper items. Fairyloot has started making collectable tarot cards on the characters of popular fandoms. In this box we got Rhysand and Morrigan from A Court of Thorns and Roses by S.J Mass, made by Emily Haynes. While I’m not a fan of the series, I still really like these designs and I use them as bookmarks. We also got a promotional double-sided bookmark for City of Brass. I haven’t read it yet but it’s high on my TBR!

It’s the moment of truth! We have reached the book!

It is A Curse so Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer! I was lucky enough to get an e-arc for it in January and I have a review for it right here. But I’m so happy to have this beautiful copy of it as I ended up really liking the book. I would actually like to reread it sometime soon. This edition has gorgeous silver embossing on the cover and the spine, it pops up from my shelves! This edition also came with a ribbon bookmark attached to the spine! I love those 😍

With the book we got a signed bookplate, character art by @kf1n3, a note from the author and a promotional bookmark. I love the art print but I found it so funny when I first saw it! I never imagined Prince Rhen as a blond! 😂

Here’s my full unboxing of the February box! What was your favourite item? what was your least favourite?

I think my favourite item was probably either the enamel pin or the little perfume roller. My least favourite item is probably the tumbler (although I love it too) because I would prefer it to be dishwasher safe! Oh well, we can’t have both glitter and the convenience of dishwashers.

March unboxing

March is Fairyloot’s birthday month, and so we get an exclusive purple box! My box has clearly taken a bit of a beating in the hands of the postman but here’s to hoping that all the items are safe and sound 🙏

The theme of the March Fairyloot box is Favourites! I love the content card so much, it has the perfectly eerie atmosphere of magical libraries.

the first item in the box, right underneath the paper wormies, are Alice in Wonderland socks designed by team Fairyloot! They are so fun and have the beginning of the classic by Lewis Carroll printed on them. My feet are quite small so these were way too big for me, but my husband loves them to bits! They look awesomely bookish with his Vegan Dr Martens 😁

Next up is a bookish scarf 😱 😱 It is a brand new level of beautiful. The scarf has been designed to be like a huge bookshelf filled with popular books! I squealed when I saw Strange the Dreamer! And Illuminae! And so many others! EEEK! The scarf was made by Cara Kozik.

While this scarf is probably my favourite item ever, and I’m sure it was a happy surprise for loads of Fairyloot fans, it still received a lot of criticism as there are a couple typos in the book spines. For example, Laini Taylor is written as ‘Lani Taylor’. However, Fairyloot responded very well to the criticism and they will send everyone a new, replacement scarf once they finish producing them.

The next item in the box is a collection of bookworm page tabs designed by Fairyloot. I love these so much because they have labels: ‘humour’, ‘romance’, ‘plot point’, ‘quote’, ‘heartwarming’ and ‘issues’. I also really like that ‘issues’ is included! My one pet peeve with these is that the sticky bit is on the wrong side, in my opinion 😅 As they are arrows I would like to stick them pointing at the text but the glue is on the other edge, meaning that if I want the arrows to point at the text, I will cover most of it 😅 Such bothersome bookaholic problems.

The next item is an enamel pin of the Fairyloot logo! I love it so much and my new hobby is trying to spot fellow Fairyloot lovers out in the wild 🧐

We were blessed with a great collection of paper items in the March Fairyloot. This month’s tarot cards come from Six of Crows fandom but I don’t know who the characters are as I haven’t read the duology yet 🤭 I will get to it soon!

We also received three amazing prints made by @morgana0anagrom 😱 They are absolutely gorgeous! From left to right we have art inspired by The Cruel Prince, Warcross and the Ember in the Ashes in the middle picture. I haven’t read any of these yet, oopsie, but they are all on my TBR. If I fall in love with the books I can definitely imagine myself framing the Cruel Prince or Ember in the Ashes print (but not Warcross because I gave it to my friend who loves that series 😁 )

Next is a promotional poster of Sherwood by Meagan Spooner! I really want to read it soon, I loved Hunted by her.

Do you know what’s a great item for a bookbox? An extra book 🤯 I have never received one before and this one’s gorgeous! We got Viper by Bex Hogan for which I have seen loads of great reviews. And it’s signed!! 🤯 🤯

I already said that the bookish scarf is my favourite and then this amazing bookmark shows up 🤯 The picture is actuallly different from all the rest because as soon as I saw this item, I picked it up and ran with it. This metal bookmark has been embossed with stunning art inspired by Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor which, if you didn’t know, is my absolute favourite book. You might also notice that my bookblog is also inspired by that book (which is actually a piece of heaven bound into a story we mortals can hold in our sweaty little hands). The quote on the bookmark says “I turned my nightmares into fireflies & caught them in a jar.” and the design is by KDP Letters. I have been using it non-stop since I got it.

And then on to the book! I love these book pouches that Fairyloot always includes, they double-up as book sleeves for paperbacks.

The book for March is To Best The Boys by Mary Weber 😱 😱 I’m so excited about it! It was on my most anticipated books for Spring list, and I had been considering buying it for sometime and then it came in the Fairyloot! How amazing is this! It came actually signed with lovely, gray sprayed edges.

With the book we got character art and a note from the author. The art was made by @icandrawthingz.

Tadah, here’s my full unboxing! But I have to point out that I totally forgot to put the beautiful metal bookmark in here because at this point it was already holding my current read’s page 😆

What was your favourite item? What was your least favourite item? Aah I loved everything! The bookmark and the scarf need to share the pedestal of my favourite item. The book tabs are probably my least favourite as I really wish the sticky bit had been on the other edge 😅

April Unboxing

Dun-dun-duu, it’s time for our last unboxing of this massive triple unboxing blog post! If you haven’t received or opened your April Fairyloot box yet, stop here to avoid spoilers. (but come back when you have opened it so that we can chat!)

The April Fairyloot has been opened! This month’s theme was ‘Dark Magic’ 😱 I love the empowering content card art by Taratjah! And look at all those goodies waiting underneath the paper wormies 😍

First up is this mysterious little ‘Mister Kindly’ box! It is an adorable tea strainer in the shape of a kitten 😍 It hugs the mug and you can put loose leaf tea on the bottom. Inspired by Nevernight by Jay Kristoff, which is very high on my TBR and I’ll hopefully read it in May or June, designed by Fairyloot team. I really like how it looks but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be using it. I already have a one-cup teapot with a proper strainer, and this kitty’s bum is very difficult to close due to the material. But I think it will make a great Christmas gift for someone!

This beautiful package is a philosopher’s stone soap by Pretty Suds! Clearly inspired by Harry Potter, this soap has a nice sweet, fruity smell. Interestingly, there is also a small stone inside it. I have been using this almost everytime I shower and I love the scent! Also, I’m obsessed with trying to get the little stone out of the soap 😂 No success so far.

The next item is so sparkly! We received a plank notebook and the cover of it is inspired by Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi and designed by Stella Bookish Art. The quote says: “We are all children of blood and bone. All instruments of vengence and virtue.” The cover is this funky, holographic material straight from the 90s 😂 I have been using this little notebook as my daily masters thesis lab book because the cover simply brightens my day.

We got a tote-bag inspired by the Grisha trilogy by Leigh Bardugo 🤩 This one seems to be very light but waterproof material and the art depicts the Darkling. While I love Fairyloot’s tote-bags, I have to admit that this is not one of my favourites. The quote (by KDP Letters) says “The Problem with Wanting is that it Makes You Weak.” and the Darling portrayed was done by @morgana0anagrom. I have this crazy feeling that the original quote actually says ‘ it makes us weak’ and I think that works much better. This version sounds a bit like being horny makes you weak while the original has more of the vibe that dreams make you narrowsighted 🤔 Also that Darkling is great but he stares straight into my soul (and everyone else’s as well when I take this tote to the grocery store 😂)

Next up is a beautiful enamel pin designed by Literary Emporium. I love Literary Emporium’s stuff and I’m considering ordering a bunch of their bookish t-shirts. This pin is inspired by Emberfall which is the country in A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer, the book that was in the February box!

We also received a promotional card for We Set the Dark on Fire (I really want to read it!), and two new tarot cards inspired by the Six of Crows fandom. Again i have no idea who these characters are, oopsie 🤭 These cards were designed by @artbyemmilinne

Yay it’s a book sleeve! I love these! Fairyloot revamped their book sleeves and this one is nice and sturdy. Inspired by A Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E. Schwab (which I haven’t read yet but I already own all of the books so I need to pick them up soon!), the book sleeve was designed by @monolimeart.

We only have the book left! And eek, I can already see a peek of blue sprayed pages!

Ooooh, the book for April is Nocturna by Maya Motayne! Look at that cover, it’s gorgeous! It is an exclusive edition as the usual cover is red instead of blue. I’m a huge fan of the colour change! Nocturna is also actually signed and with it we received character art by and a letter from the author. I’m so excited to read Nocturna sometime soon!

Here is my full unboxing of the April box! What was your favourite item? How about your least favourite?

My favourite item is probably the book sleeve! It is huge and I even managed to stuff Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon in there. I think my least favourite is the Mr Kindly tea strainer as I won’t be using it myself.

That’s my triple unboxing of Fairyloot boxes! Which one was your favourite? Have you read any of these books yet? Are you planning to?

cloud 9 spill the tea GIF by Nico Santos

My Fairyloot subscription still has 2 months remaining, May and June. Hopefully I’ll add individual unboxings for each of them 😊

Thank you so much for reading!


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