Read&dathon TBR + End of Hiatus!

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πŸ’« ⭐️ 🌟 ✨ I’m BAAACK πŸ’« ⭐️ 🌟 ✨

January has passed and with it my hiatus, praise the bookish deities! I have just moved to a new apartment with my husband and our living room is buried underneath boxes. We broke free from the cancer-inducing-mouldy-disaster that was our previous flat and came out exhausted but victorious from our homelessness. (if you are majorly confused at this point, you can have a look at my hiatus announcement, I swear it explains a lot of things)

We absolutely adore our new apartment apart from a few worms and beetles that welcomed us home in the kitchen. We got through homelessness, I can defeat a couple wormies.

flame thrower kill it with fire GIF

I hope to get straight back to the bliss of blogging, reading everyone else’s posts, and socialising with all of you 😍 Thank you so much everyone for your support, and I’m so sorry that I haven’t yet commented back! January was ridiculously tough but I read all of your messages and they meant the world to me in the middle of everything that was going on.

Today is also the perfect day to break my hiatus because today marks the first day of ReaD&Dathon! It is a DnD inspired readathon hosted by Kaylee @ The Enchanted Library and Tara @ The Three Bookshelves.Β I have never actually played Dungeons & Dragons myself but I have always wanted to try, and when I saw how this readathon works, I was sold. Bookish games with a chance to level up? Yep. Yup. Yes. There hasn’t been enough buzz about this new readathon and everyone is seriously missing out 😬 😬 I’ll first have some info about the readathon, then I’ll list aaaalll the challenges AND THEN I’ll reveal my TBR 😊 Feel free to scroll right down if you want to skip all the extra and get straight to the TBR business πŸ‘Œ

Info on the readathon

ReaD&Dathon is a two-week readathon from the 1st of Feb to the 14th of Feb. In this first round, the idea is to create some characters by reading books! To create a character you need to read 3 books; one that decides your characters race, one that decides their class and one more to decide their alignment. You can create as many characters as you want but I’m trying my best to reach 3 characters, so 9 books in total 🀩 There are also bonus challenges!

For each book you can earn XP points and with every 150 XP you level up. (and these will be useful in future rounds of the readathon 😱 )

  • Read one book – 50 XP
  • Complete one bonus challenge – 50 XP

See more info in Kaylee’s announcement video:

The Prompts & Challenges

Each character must have a race, class, and alignment. Read one book from each category to create your hero!


  • Dragonborn – Read a book featuring dragons
  • Dwarf – Read a book set underground
  • Elf – Read a high fantasy book
  • Gnome – Read a fun, feel-good book
  • Goblin – Read a book featuring thieves or a heist
  • Goliath – Read a book that’s over 600 pages
  • Halfling – Read a book that’s under 200 pages
  • Orc – Read a book featuring a war or warriors
  • Human – Read a non-fiction book
  • Warforged – Read a science-fiction book


  • Barbarian – Read a book featuring something that angers you
  • Bard – Read a book with a movie or television adaptation
  • Cleric – Read a book featuring gods or religion
  • Druid – Read a book featuring shapeshifting
  • Fighter – Read a controversial book
  • Paladin – Read a book about a battle between good and evil
  • Ranger – Read a book featuring hunters
  • Rogue – Read a book featuring assassins
  • Warlock – Read a book featuring the supernatural or paranormal
  • Wizard – Read a book featuring a school of magic or other special abilities


  • Lawful Good – Read a book featuring angels
  • Neutral Good – Read a book featuring superheroes
  • Chaotic Good – Read a book whose protagonist is a rebel or part of a revolution
  • Lawful Neutral – Read a book whose protagonist is a law enforcer or government agent
  • True Neutral – Read a book you know nothing about
  • Chaotic Neutral – Read a book someone else chooses for you
  • Lawful Evil – Read a book featuring an oppressive government
  • Neutral Evil – Read a book from the villain’s POV
  • Chaotic Evil – Read any book you choose, but roll a d10 (a dice with ten sides) at the start of each chapter and skip the chapter if you roll a 1

Bonus Challenges

  • Roll for your character’s race, class, and alignment with a d10 (or a random number generator, like If you roll a 10 for alignment, roll again!
  • Build a party of at least three characters, without repeating any prompts, for a total of nine books.
  • Give your character(s) a name using the titles of the books you’ve built them with.


Doesn’t it sound like an absolutely amazing readathon?! I can’t wait to create my characters! As always, I don’t know how to stick to TBRs but I love doing them so there is no guarantee that these will be the books I’m reading. But I’ll try my hardest to stick to this plan πŸ˜…

Character 1

Goblin (Read a book featuring thieves or a heist)

Descendant of the Crane by Joan He

I was so incredibly lucky that I got an advance reader copy of this amazing China-inspired fantasy from Netgalley πŸŽ‰ I got it a while ago before I knew that I would have to go on a hiatus and now I’m trying my best to read it before it comes out on the 4th of Feb! I have already read a bit of it and I came across a thief already! So a Goblin it is!


Fighter (Read a controversial book)

Psychology of Time Travel by Kate Mascarenhas

This is a February pick for an LGBT+ bookclub I’m part of. I have seen loads of mixed reviews in Goodreads, from some saying that they hated it and others praising it as the best time travel book they have read. This is especially controversial for me because I tend to criticise time travel books heavily. Hmmm we shall see how it goes.

Chaotic Neutral (Read a book someone else chooses for you)

The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Sooooo, I got a beaautiful copy of The Miniaturist from my friend last Monday and I started to read it on the same day. But I haven’t finished it yet and I’m dying to. So I went on Twitter to ask if it is absolutely unacceptable to carry a current read to the reaD&Dathon, and the hosts told me that nothing stands on my way if my character is chaotic anyway! Chaotic Neutral turned out to be a perfect prompt for it! I have read 130 pages so far and I’m pretty much obsessed. The Miniaturist gives me heavy Jane Eyre vibes.

Look how pretty it is! It even has one of those ribbon bookmarks!

Character 2

I’ll be trying to do the first bonus challenge for Character 2! So I will be rolling a d10 for all race, class and alignment and trying to read appropriate books for each challenge. If I happen to roll one of those I have already planned to use for Character 1, I’ll roll again. It’s a lot more fun to do it right here with you all so let’s roll! I’m nervous 😱 I used because they had nice dice graphics

Warforger (Read a science-fiction book)

Ooooooh nice!! I have been wanting to read some scifi lately so I’m really happy with this one! I have no idea what to pick yet, but I’m thinking along the lines of Ursula K. LeGuin’s The Dispossessed, The Martian by Andy Weir, The Humans by Matt Haig, or maybe even a hardcore classic scifi?? If you have any recommendations, throw them my way 😊

Ranger (Read a book featuring hunters)

Oooh I’m so excited about all of these!! I feel like this would be a perfect chance to either read an advance reader copy that I failed to read in January (soooorrryyy) A Wolf in the Whale by Jordanne Max Brodsky. I’m a bit hesitant though because that one is over 500 pages πŸ€” Again, shoot some recommendations at me if something comes to your mind!

Lawful Evil ( Read a book featuring an oppressive government)

Another seven! This is an interesting one and I bet that loads of books could fit this prompt. Hmmm I wonder if Queen of Attolia by Meagan Whalen Turner would work or maybe Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart?

Character 3

Halfling (Read a book under 200 pages)

Rust Belt by Sean Knickerbocker

This is a graphic novel that I have an advance reader copy of. It doesn’t come out before May but I’m really eager to read it! Rust Belt is a story about the lives of American unemployed and working poor class and how they are usually left out from revolutions. I find the subject super intriguing and it’s a good idea to include a graphic novel.


Cleric (Read a book featuring Gods or religion)

The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo

I meant to read The Poet X already in 2018 but didn’t get to it, so now is the time! It is a novel written entirely in verse about Xiomara and how she copes with her mother’s extreme religiousness.

Chaotic Evil (Read any book you choose, but roll a d10 at the start of each chapter and skip the chapter if you roll a 1)

One simply does not come across such a delicious prompt and not make use of it. I’m so scared and at the same time, so excited. I don’t know yet which book to select for this prompt as it will needs to have very short chapters πŸ€” Can you think of anything? I’ll have to browse my bookshelves once I manage to move my books to my bookshelf hah.

That’s my TBR for ReaD&Dathon (or #ReaDDathon)! If I follow my TBR I’ll end up with a mischievious group of Chaotic Neutral Fighter Goblin, Lawfully Evil Ranger Warforger and a Chaotic Evil Halfling Cleric. Ummmmm. Doesn’t sound like a bunch I would hang out with but oh well πŸ˜‚ All together they sound like a very evil, chaotic group.

Rachel Platten music video bike bikes biking GIF
# Squad goals

Just kidding, they are my squad and they are perfect. 100% would go on adventures with them and 380% would fear for my life.

Are you taking part in the ReaD&Dathon? Are you taking part in any other readathons in February? What’s your TBR like? I would love to know!

Also I would appreciate any and all recommendations!

I’ll hop right back to visiting all of your ah-mazing blogs, I have missed SO MUCH during the hiatus and I can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to!

Thank you so much for reading!



16 thoughts on “Read&dathon TBR + End of Hiatus!”

  1. I love this idea! I only wish it went on longer so I could participate, but I’m thinking of doing a longer version by myself this year – and crediting the creators, of course. :> Looking forward to your future posts on it!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s a great idea!! I’m actually hoping this readathon was longer too because it would be fun to get a whole squad of characters going and I can’t find all that much time to read in the middle of university stress :/ Hope you have loads of fun with the readathon πŸ™‚


  2. What a FUN readathon this sounds like!! Also confusing πŸ˜‚

    I recommend ‘Illuminae’ for sci-fi! I haven’t read it yet but it’s got good reviews.

    And WELCOME BACKKKKKKK!!! It’s awesome that everything sorted itself out without dragging too long. (but worms, yeechkkk *shiver*)

    omg you got Descendant of the Crane, too??! Me toooooo!!

    I haven’t caught up with comments either, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAY THANK YOU GIRRRL, it’s good to be back 😍😍
      I have read the entire Illuminae series and I love it so much!! I think it is one of my favourites, you should definitely read it soon!

      Yay congrats for getting Descendant of the Crane 😊 Buuuut I’m now halfway through and it is somehow not working for me and I find myself not wanting to pick it up 😟 I’m even contemplating dnfing it even though it is one of my most anticipated new releases of 2019 😭😭 How are you finding it?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh ma gadddd, what? Really?! DNF-ing??! 😱😨 I haven’t started yet, been reading ‘The Gilded Wolves’ and library books(‘I Was Here’ and ‘Ready Player One’). If my ARCs were hardcopies I’d probably finish them faster! I’m planning on getting a kindle to make it more appealing 😁

        You’ve read the Illuminae series already?! πŸ˜‚ Well there goes my recommendation!

        I have a similar predicament with ‘Stolen Time’. I find one of the characters ajcjdhsishfjr!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I bet I have said this before but yeeesss you should get a kindle! Or a Kobo! Kobos accept all possible file-types so you can buy ebooks in epub form as well, and not just amazon’s books or Netgalleys!

        I’m soooo sad about this Descendant of the Crane mishap. I have been busy at university though so I decided to put it down for awhile and try again soon, maybe it was just my stress that made it less interesting, I hope so!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hhaha, you have mentioned it I think πŸ˜› Thanks a bunch for the recommendation!! I checked and for the time being Kindle is more suitable for my budget. Though Kobo’s ease sounds attractive!

        Have you picked Descendant of the Crane now? I’m still on The Paragon Hotel but planning on reading DotC this month.

        What are you currently reading?

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thankssss! Lol, the library is a welcome addition to my life! Do you have one near you? This reminds me, you should check out Kaleena’s(Reader Voracious) Reading Around The Globe series, and maybe join, too! I’d love to hear about how it’s like in Scotland. I’ve participated already! πŸ˜› I’m currently reading Dark Matter by Blake Crouch and The Paragon Hotel by Lyndsay Faye. Dark Matter’s about alternate realities and it’s bomb! It’s also about family and your love for them(reminds me of Here and Now and Then). Paragon Hotel is part mystery, part black history and features strong female characters. I didn’t realise when I started on it that it was Black History Month. Talk about a coincidence! πŸ˜€

        Priory has a lot of hype! I don’t think I’m going to read it as A)I’m not sure I love high-fantasy(but I think I’ll try it out with Mistborn. Or if you have any awesome suggestions I’d love to hear them!) and B) it’s hella expensive!
        Anyway, it is a good thing that you’re enjoying it so much! That feeling is exhilarating. I felt that for Dark Matter.


  3. I’m glad to hear that you found a new appartment!! πŸ’•πŸŒΊ And welcome back! (I was away on a hiatus too, so looks like we’re both back now πŸ˜„) I sadly couldn’t take part in the Readathon, but I hope that you had a lot of fun doing it, because it sounds amazing!! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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