Weekend Aesthetic: Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko

Weekend Aesthetic is a bi-weekly post that was inspired by Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger‘s weekly weekend aesthetic feature. Every other weekend I post an aesthetic/mood board for a book I’m reading or have recently read to show what kinds of vibes the book gave to me.

I missed an aesthetic last week (OOPS) but this weekend I’m back at it!

Check out Jordan @ The Heart of a Book Blogger’s last weekend’s aesthetic on Anne of the Green Gables. It perfectly captures its mood!

This week I’m featuring Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko which I recently read and became obsessed with! It is a dark fantasy about an odd, magical school.


The Aesthetic



The Book

38633526Vita Nostra by Marina & Sergey Dyachenko

  • Recently translated to English from Russian!
  • Dark fantasy which is basically like Hogwarts if Hogwarts was an awful place
  • A non-traditional story which leaves you absolutely clueless about what could happen next
  • This is the world’s best read if you have a bunch of school/college/university work to do because a) you’ll be addicted and you’ll most likely procrastinate work
    b) your coursework seems soooo eeeasy in comparison to what these poor peeps are going through
  • A cute lil picturesque Ukrainian town as a setting

Check out my review here!

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Our life is brief . . .

While vacationing at the beach with her mother, Sasha Samokhina meets the mysterious Farit Kozhennikov under the most peculiar circumstances. The teenage girl is powerless to refuse when this strange and unusual man with an air of the sinister directs her to perform a task with potentially scandalous consequences. He rewards her effort with a strange golden coin.

As the days progress, Sasha carries out other acts for which she receives more coins from Kozhennikov. As summer ends, her domineering mentor directs her to move to a remote village and use her gold to enter the Institute of Special Technologies. Though she does not want to go to this unknown town or school, she also feels it’s the only place she should be. Against her mother’s wishes, Sasha leaves behind all that is familiar and begins her education.

As she quickly discovers, the institute’s “special technologies” are unlike anything she has ever encountered. The books are impossible to read, the lessons obscure to the point of maddening, and the work refuses memorization. Using terror and coercion to keep the students in line, the school does not punish them for their transgressions and failures; instead, their families pay a terrible price. Yet despite her fear, Sasha undergoes changes that defy the dictates of matter and time; experiences which are nothing she has ever dreamed of . . . and suddenly all she could ever want.


I’m so happy with how this aesthetic turned out! Somehow it transports me right back into the story of Vita Nostra and I’m starting to get more and more impatient for the sequel!!

Have you read Vita Nostra? Do you think my aesthetic does the book justice? Or are you planning to read it? I strongly recommend you do, it might blow your mind 🤯

What are you currently reading? Do you have a clear idea about how your aesthetic for your current read looks like? I feel like I can make aesthetics only for about one third of all the books I read, some books just aren’t atmospheric enough! (and that’s okay).

Thank you so much for reading!

– Pauliina


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