Charms Extra Credit Readathon: A Week of Reading

Pre-readathon intro:

I love the Magical Readathons hosted by Book Roast and for the week of 8th to 14th of October we are given a special treat: the Charms Extra Credit readathon! I listed my readathon TBR in my October TBR post where I also hinted that I might be doing a week-long live blog for this readathon. So here we are! I’m really excited to get started, I have done these live blogs earlier for an independent 24 in 48 readathon and a 24 hour readathon, but doing it for a whole week is something brand new for me.

The challenges are:

🐢 Accio: Read a book at the top of your TBR

πŸ”₯ Incendio: Read a book with flames/fire in title or cover

✨ Lumos: Read a book with a light/white cover

πŸ— Alohomora: Read a book that is first in a series

πŸ¦‹ Rictumsempra: Read a book that gives you butterflies

You can check out this video for more info on the readathon. My goal is to finish at least two challenges during the following week and have loads of fun.


10.37 am

Good morning and happy first day of Extra credit!! I went to sleep really late last night and getting out of bed was a real struggle. I’m still so sleepy although it’s half ten already. My university class starts at 2pm so I have some time to wake up and do – hopefully – some cleaning because my flat is a mess.

35403058While I fix some breakfast and clean, I need to start my audiobook for Lumos (book with a light cover).

Both City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab and Sadie by Courtney Summers got a lot of praise from all of you guys and so I have decided to pick between them by two factors:

  • the Goodreads rating and
  • reviews on the audiobook quality!

I’m pretty excited to see what I’ll be listening to, so let’s do this.

34810320Hmm Sadie has an awesome rating of 4.33 in Goodreads but so does City of Ghosts with 4.02 stars. The rating doesn’t tell me much because City of Ghosts has 6x more reviews than Sadie does. I couldn’t find anyone commenting on the audio quality in Goodreads on City of Ghosts but someone in Scribd is saying that the narrator tries to do Scottish accents and it’s borderline offensive. YIKES. I live in Scotland so that sounds bad. Sadie, on the other hand, gets loads of praise. It’s a full cast audiobook! Maybe I’ll go with Sadie to start with but I don’t know maybe I’ll find time to listen to both of them this week. I’ll try my best! Now breakfast!

4095298111.25 am

Breakfast has been eaten and before I get into cleaning, I’ll finish my coffee. I think I will start reading The Purist on my kindle for the Accio challenge (a book at the top of your TBR). I think it’s a delicious sci-fi but I don’t know anything about the plot. I hope it’s good!


04.33 pm

My 90-minute lecture almost gave me a brain tumour with all the maths I had to do. Now my tiredness has turned into a legit coma and I’m in desperate need of some coffee! I’m back home and I just had lunch, and now I’ll read a bit more of the Purist while drinking my coffee. I have been listening to Sadie on and off throughout the day and I’m really liking it! The audio book is super well narrated.

05.09 pm

Break over! Time to finish cleaning and work on my data analysis. I read The Purist for a bit, and it seems very intriguing but I’m still utterly confused about what is happening and how the world works. I’m not even certain that it’s sci-fi, it seems more like high fantasy.

10.47 pm

I’m finally done with university stuff for the day! I’ll change into pajama pants and make some late dinner πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ hopefully I’ll still find a little bit of time to read today. That would pretty greeat.

11.53 pm

I’m continuing with the Purist while having some beautiful Sencha green tea and some very dark chocolate. I have to say that I’m feeling so cozy and loving this readathon already.


01.53 am

Waaah it got so late already!

I have been reading The Purist, and I don’t even know what’s going on. The world seems really intriguing but there a lot of names and places and nothing is explained. Now sleep!



09.53 am

Good morning and welcome to Day 2 of the Magical Readathon! I have coffee and breakfast but also an odd fringe situation: I have been growing my fringe and last night I might have slept on my stomach which has caused my long fringe to turn into a crazy curl. At the moment it seems like it will be impossible to tame πŸ€”
I would like to fall down the rabbithole of booktube videos but I’ll be a good girl and read more of The Purist instead.


10.43 am

I might have avoided the booktube rabbithole but now I have fallen down the twitter one! I only checked one notification and then I was supposed to read for 10 more minutes. But then I came across some awful drama about a publisher bashing book bloggers on twitter and I had to see what it’s all about.
drama sitting down GIF by Cheezburger
Now I’m still on twitter, 40 mins later.
I should prooobably work instead.

11.15 am

I think I could win a world prize for today’s performance in procrastination. I was supposed to just quickly check whether the text is large enough to read Over the Garden Wall on my phone (it’s a graphic novel) for Incendio, but then I accidentally read 50 pages of it. Oops. Well the text is large enough. It’s pretty interesting, weird and nonsensical. Now university work!

04.06 pm

I have been doing university stuff and writing a really long discussion post about Scribd to be published tomorrow! I’m equally excited and scared to publish it but I have been wanting to write for a long time. I’ll give myself a break by working out and listening to Sadie while I do that.

06.10 pm

I almost forgot! I have a book club meeting tonight! It’s for a LGBT+ book club I’m part of and we will be discussing Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown. I’m a bit nervous about it because I had really mixed feelings and there was one scene that I found really hard to accept. I wrote a review in Goodreads about it, here it is if you want to check it out. I have 20mins before I have to go so I’ll have a cup of tea and read something for my university class. I have been listening to loads of Sadie between now and my last update and I only have 30mins of it left 😱 it’s really good and I’m pretty much obsessed with it. I need to know what happens!!

netflix GIF by Queer Eye

08.56 pm

I just got home from the book club. It was really nice! We had some great discussions about the book and I’m already looking forward to picking up the book for next month, She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders by Jennifer Finney Boylan.

Now I’m tireeeed. But I need to do some university stuff so I’ll make some tea while I listen to Sadie and then I’ll get cracking!

09.15 pm

Okay I haven’t done any of the stuff that I said I would. But do you know that one Booktube newbie who added a video saying that booktube is filled with 20-something girls that are caked in make up, read YA and have no substance to their videos. Well, I just watched the booktube response and IT’S A MUSIC VIDEO. I legit cried. I love this community so much. Go watch it here :

09.49 pm

I just finished Sadie while chopping veggies for dinner. I’m not crying, you’re crying 😭😭😭

sad andre johnson GIF

I highly recommend this book, it was so amazing. Ah darn I have no idea what to listen to next, Scribd is being a complete moose-toe and it doesn’t give me any of the good audiobooks.

10.17 pm

21414439I decided to start listening to Truthwitch by Susan Dennard. I previously tried to listen to it but I disliked the narrator’s style of trying different accents. Regardless, I’m back to listening to it because you know, a girl needs an audio book, and this could work for many different challenges if I end up finishing it.
It could work for both Alohomora as its a first in a series orΒ Accio because it just jumped at the top of my TBR.

01.38 am

Time to sleep. Sadly, I didn’t find time to read any more during the evening 😒😒



11.16 am

Hello Day 3! I slept till late because I felt a bit ill but now I’m up and ready to make some breakfast. Today will probably be filled up with university stuff, so not the coolest of days. But oh well, hopefully I find a bit of reading time here and there!

11.49 am

I watched some booktube videos while eating breakfast. I really like reading vlogs and I’m really excited that Hailey @ Hailey in Bookland is doing a readathon for Halloween! I’m not into dressing up parties or scary stuff so I might want to join her readathon and curl up with a mildly suspenseful book. I’m a chicken. Now I’ll read a bit of the Purist while I finish my coffee. Then it’s woooork time.

12.10 pm

I’m having a difficult time with the Purist. I’m now at 22% but I still understand very little about the world. There are different species and their super complicated politics and loads of talk about music but I can’t imagine what anyone looks like or how big the world is. I hope I start to get hooked soon, it’s very interesting and beautifully written but I just don’t know what’s going on.

06.07 pm

I just published the Scribd discussion post I was writing yesterday! I’m kind of worried about the reception it gets because everyone seems to largely love Scribd in the bookish community. You can read the discussion here.
I also got a surprising uni work deadline for tomorrow and now I have to work hard to reach it. Probably very little reading will be done today due to the work stuff but hopefully I get to take a small break once in awhile. Now I’m having some veggie burgers while getting started with my data analysis!




03.38 pm

It’s Day 4!

Yesterday I ended up working on my university stuff until like 3am, then I got up this morning and continued the work.

Now I have just come home from my meeting and I’m staaarving. I’ll make some dinner while listening to Truthwitch and then I’d love to get some coffee while reading for a bit. After that I have to dive into another assignment that’s due tomorrow. Haha why am I such a mess?! I’m so tired already that I’m intrigued to devote Saturday for reading and relaxing only, while I usually work on my masters studies throughout the weekend too. A day off would be nice. Now food and audiobook!

04.29 pm

The coffee has been prepared! The perfect moment to read for 15mins. I think I’ll pick up Over the Garden Wall because I forgot where I put my kindle and I’m too lazy to search for it hah. Over the Garden Wall is on my phone. Ready, set, read & drink coffee!


04.48 pm

I finished Over the Garden Wall: Tome of the Unknown! This is such an odd series, dark and whimsical but still pretty confusing. I’ll probably continue on with the series later this month and I should also watch the mini-series. As of now, it was a decent read, 3/5 stars.
I’m done with two challenges yay! πŸŒŸβœ”οΈ & πŸ”₯βœ”οΈ I’m thinking about picking up Opal by Maggie Stiefvater for the Rictumsempra challenge πŸ¦‹ It is a short story and so I should be able to finish it pretty quickly. I’m also still reading The Purist for πŸ• and Truthwitch for πŸ—οΈ The readathon is going pretty well even though I have had loads to do for university as well 😊

01.08 am

I’m ready to sleep but I wanted to make an update to celebrate that I managed to steal away a few moments to read The Purist this evening between my assignment and compulsory adulting like cooking and cleaning. I really want to dive into The Purist with better time during the weekend. Aaah I wish it was the weekend already! SOON.

MRB509.55 am

Gooood Morning! It’s already day 5 of the readathon 😱
I’m currently eating breakfast and reading, but nothing fun like the Extra Credit books. I need to catch up on some reading on eye tracking strategies.


01.04 pm

I’m at the university, and I happen to have an hour for lunch and nothing that needs to be done while eating! Hallelujah! I’ll go buy some food and then I’ll read The Purist for awhile.
Oh no I just got there and I’m at the very bottom of a queue. I’ll have to see if most of my time is spent queuing after all 😭
Edit: I couldn’t be bothered to wait so cold lunch it is! I don’t mind as long as I get a little break that includes reading.


10.00 pm

After my classes I went to a pub with some friends, and from there to a restaurant with my husband. Look how delicious our food was. Mmmm.

Now we’re chilling while drinking wine! I don’t think I’ll read any more today so here’s today’s wrap up :



01.26 pm

Welcome to Day 6! It’s finally Saturday!!!

I’m planning to spend most of today just reading which has got me so excited. I’m feeling a bit ill, but not so ill that I wouldn’t be able to concentrate on a good book. I’ll read for a bit and then head to shower!

03.51 pm

I read about 10% of the Purist before I went to shower. Now I’m all cozied up underneath a blanket with woolen socks on. I have a steaming cup of tea and my crackling Wood Wick candle is lit. Perfect setting for reading! My body is ready!


00.40 am

Today has been a really good day filled with cozy reading, binging Netflix and eating way too many pancakes. Sorry I was supposed to take a a picture of the pancakes but they were way too delicious and I ate them before I could take a picture.

I have read 65% of The Purist so far! I finally somewhat understand how the world works and I love it!
Next I’ll go to bed to read Opal by Maggie Stiefvater for Rictumsempra πŸ¦‹


01.45 am

Eee Opal is so cute! I love this little short story so much! And I wasn’t even the biggest fan of the Raven Boys series. But Opal is definitely giving me butterflies. I’m halfway through the story so far!

02.03 am

Time to sleep! I only have 15 pages left of Opal but I’ll enjoy it more if I finish it tomorrow when I’m not constantly nodding off to sleep. Only one day left of the readathon, here’s Day 6 wrap up!



02.29 pm

It’s the last day of Charms Extra Credit Readathon! I’m so sad that this is coming to an end already and I have had so much fun all week while reading for the challenges.
So far I have eaten breakfast while watching the new season of Big Bang Theory and spent hours discussing and debating the importance of honeybees for humans’ survival with my husband πŸ˜‚

We are often like this, we start talking passionately about something and then we both research scientific articles on the topic to see who was right. This time around the results were a bit ambiguous; honeybees are extremely important for many crop species and they are alarmingly affected by climate change but if we cannot save the honeybees we have to start cultivating other pollinators that could become the major link in our ecosystem that bees now inhabit. The problem in the centre of this all is climate change. So go vegetarian, recycle and avoid plastic at all costs to make sure we have coffee, avocados and cucumbers 20 years from now.
Okay that’s not super relevant to the reading blog. I’m currently curled up and ready to continue reading Opal. My goals for today include finishing both Opal and the Purist before the readathon ends! Let’s see if I can do it! I also need to Skype my brother who has a new puppy (!), get some groceries, vacuum and work on my dissertation. Other than that I’m free to read. Ready, set, READ!

03.05 pm

I just finished Opal and it was so good 😭 I wish Maggie Stiefvater would write more books from Opal’s perspective. I loved how simple and kind yet clever her little mind is. She is amazing! If you have read the Raven Cycle then I thoroughly recommend picking up Opal.

Now I’ll read The Purist for 15mins and then I’ll get ready to Skype.

03.28 pm

Eek I wasn’t supposed to read for this long. I’m 69% done with the Purist and the entire story is very intriguing. I’m only confused how it can all be wrapped up in just 31%? Exciting! It’s time to get ready and I’ll listen to the Truthwitch while I do that. I won’t be able to finish the audiobook today but I don’t mind.

08.30 pm

Hellooo from underneath the blanket.

I Skyped my brother and his puppy (!!!) which was really nice. The puppy is called Juuse and he is so precious:

43788462_2926135790745266_640226804602241024_o 44471220_684253255277233_3789679279982247936_n.jpg

If you want to follow the proud puppy parents in Instagram you can do so via these links: @krista_juulia & @mikavannii

I also hoovered the flat and bought most of the grocery store and killed my back while carrying everything home. I have read for 30mins of the Purist and I’m already at 75%! I’ll continue for another 30mins and then I’ll start prepping food. We’re having pizza again! It’s a pizza week!

10.30 pm

Pizza time! I’m reading while eating to make sure I finish in time! It’s a spinach, red pepper, kidney bean, pineapple – pizza and it’s so good. Yum yum.


11.02 pm

We have just reached the final hour of Charms Extra Credit Magical Readathon but my Kindle is about to die on my arms! Shows how much I have been reading on it, I pretty much never run out of battery πŸ˜‚ I’ll migrate to the closest charger!


11.31 pm

I FINISHED THE PURIST IN TIME!! I’m so happy that I did, it was a pretty amazing story! I’ll go celebrate with some green tea and chocolate!

30 rock GIF




I had so much fun taking part in the Extra Credit Readathon and I hope we get another one soon!

Did you take part? How many challenges did you finish?

Isn’t Juuse the Puppy the most precious thing ever???

Thank you so much for reading!

– Pauliina







8 thoughts on “Charms Extra Credit Readathon: A Week of Reading”

  1. This is such a fantastic post, I love this format 😍 You did so well with the Readathon, I’m impressed that you got so much reading done despite having to do a lot for university! πŸ™‚ I was on vacation for the most part of the Readathon, but I got 3 books read, as I had a long train journey to use for my reading πŸ˜„ How are you liking Truthwitch so far?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much 😍 How lucky to be on a vacation during a magical readathon!!! That sounds so nice of blissful 😍 I’m really liking the Truthwitch but I think I’m not doing the story justice by listening to an audiobook of it. I love the elemental magic in the book! I think I’ll need to find physical copies of the following books in the series.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yahhhh girlll, this was fun to read!! I can’t NOT write my thoughts as I go through it 😁

    First off, 90 PERCENT dark??! 😲 70-75% is my sweet spot(lol😝) It sounds cosy though😍

    Is reading on a kindle better than on a, say, 5.5″ smartphone?

    The whole Youtube site is a rabbit-hole! 😣

    Oooh, lolll, I know that drama you’re talking about! That ‘publisher’ wasn’t even a bigshot πŸ˜‚ I thought they were some well-known publisher when I first heard that some drama had went down while I was away. Took a bit of digging to find what all the ruckus was about. I can’t believe there can be drama in the book world!!

    Hahahaha xD ‘accidentally’ huh? 😏

    Yes! I’m excited to read your Scribd rant next!!

    Haha 😁 Sadie got me hooked for the 1st time since I started book-blogging this March!

    I’m gonna have to check out all the links you shared.

    Gahahaha πŸ˜‚ I think I may have shed a few tears, too

    Moose-toe. LMAO πŸ˜„ You’ve got some interesting vocabulary!

    Love those little icons! Simple & apt!

    Wow, so much studyinggggg πŸ˜₯ I sure don’t miss that!

    Why is your husband MIA for most of the week? 😁

    Ooooh, wood wick candle sounds delicious! I had a similar reaction with Ten Thousand Thunders by Brian Trent.

    I LOVE stories that give me the butterflies! 😍😍

    Hahahaha, somehow the honeybee debate has crept into the blog xD You two are c-ute!

    Wahhh you were more productive than I’ve been 😰 I need my VPN to see the puppy.

    Although this pizza sounds kinda out there, cheese can bring it all together!

    Woohoo! Lists do make you feel accomplished when you stick to them!

    It was great fun reading this πŸ˜„ Don’t feel obliged to answer all my thoughts, it’s more like us having a conversation, you know? 😁 Lemme recommend a mind-boggling but totally intriguing story I’m reading at the moment called ‘The 7Β½ Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle’. It’s got a Cluedo vibe, too.

    Now to save your posts/links to read later! 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh I love this 😍😍 You just made a live-comment to my live-blog haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ How can I not answer this?!!?

      I looove 70-75% chocolate too, but I think it’s at its best if you first eat a bit of 90% and then some 75%, the sweeter one will taste so sweet!

      Reading on a kindle is SO MUCH better than reading on a phone!! It’s more comfortable because in the reading specialised kindles you get e-ink on an e-paper. Basically it’s real ink on a paper-like white background that reorganises itself by magnetism every time you turn a page. So it’s exactly like reading a physical book! Whereas reading on your phone will put stress on your eyes and might give you a major headache. I still read on my phone because reading apps can be fun and pretty but I’m an e-reader person all the way!

      Hahah I found it so funny too that such a small publisher makes a big show of attacking bloggers πŸ˜‚

      Gahah I didn’t even realise how much of the time my husband is absent during this post πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ He works set hours (like a normal office-person) and he leads our town’s kendo club (japanese fencing, basically samurai-ing) and that’s on like 5 times a week. Meanwhile, I like to chill at home read and eat cake haha.

      Hahah honeybee randomness! It was a tough debate and I definitely HAD TO share it here πŸ˜‚ Aww thanks, we might also just be weird πŸ˜‚

      Oh I didn’t realise that IG posts are not visible without VPN in China! I can switch it up with the real picture, the puppy is way too cute to miss and it doesn’t take me any effort at all to do that. Hope you can see him now!!

      All of my pizzas are out there πŸ˜‚ I’m still wanting to do a sweet one for dessert some day with chocolate, banana, raisins and watermelon. For some reason my husband keeps telling me no.

      I NEED The 7 and a half death of Evelyn Hardcastly so bad!! I have been eyeing it for awhile too and it seems amazing! Did you finish it? How did you like it? Have you read The 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo? The titles are so alike that I keep on thinking that the books have to be alike too, and I loved Evelyn Hugo. 😁
      Arden thank you so much for leaving this amazing comment, you seriously made my day with this 😘😘😘


      1. Hahahahaha, that chocolate thing πŸ˜‚ what a way to trick your mind!

        Ohhh, I always thought kindles weren’t much different. Do you think the most basic one is still better than a phone? (For me, phone vs. paper, I’d pick the latter)

        Lollll xD and wow,he does THAT?? So coooool 😱 Eat cake, hahaha, what cake’s your fav? Mine’s tiramisu.

        Lol, he’s cute! I switched on my vpn to see it 😁 But, you’re so kind to make it easier for me!! 😘

        Ohh, dessert pizza would be mmm-mm. I’m thinking even a sweet one with some cheese would be a nice duo. Hahahaha, you could make two. Sometimes we surprise ourselves πŸ˜„ I love pepperoni, though. And veg with meat. And good ol’ plain cheese(triple cheese is always welcome, too 😜). Sweet pizza reminds me of that virtual world game called Club Penguin. They had a mini pizza game with sweet & savory options.

        YES, I finished 7Β½ Deaths and it was FANTASTIC. I tweeted the author that it was ‘exquisite devilry’ and he said he liked it!πŸ˜„ It was quite mind-twisting. And lol, I know! I find it SUCH a coincidence. I mean, if they shared only ‘Evelyn’ then it’s no biggie but the no. ‘7’, too??! Something’s amiss here…⚠ I’ve not read the Hugo one though. I think they’re not alike. 7Β½ Deaths pretty much lived up to its hype.

        Oh, it was a pleasure!! I genuinely enjoyed commenting and I know how fun and rewarding it feels to see a bona fide comment 😁 I did a little like4like or comment thing a while back and it didn’t feel as good knowing that ppl only commented cuz they kinda had to.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. The basic kindle is still better than phone! I think the most basic option doesn’t have a backlight which means that you’ll have to turn on a light to read it in the dark but it’s still so good!

        Oooh tiramisu is nice!! I love all cakes 😍😍 But my favourite is probably carrot or chocolate cheesecake 😍 Or maybe banana cake 😍 TOo many to choose from!!

        Hahah I played Club Penguin too, now that feels so nostalgic πŸ˜‚

        I have to pick up the 7 and a half deaths asap!! I just saw it in my local bookshop with sprayed edges and now I’m very tempted to go and get it! Evelyn Hugo is amazing as well, I really hope you get to it soon. I listened to the audiobook and I was basically glued to it for the entire time. SO GOOD.

        This has been so much fun, commenting back and forth πŸ˜‚ I have actually tried to do more of liking and commenting straight back but I was so bad at it, it made it feel like a chore. Simply following blogs and reading the posts that interest me + commenting on those works the best for me 😊 It definitely feels more genuine too! Although I have had way too little time for blog hopping lately 😬

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Well now, maybe I’m missing out on something here. Using a kindle probably will make it more enjoyable for me to review books.

        Haha, I enjoy all the cakes you mentioned! Usually I don’t have a firm fav. They’re all delicious!😍

        Oh wow, you did??! It’s too bad they closed the web version, right!? It was soooooo cosy! The cafe, pizza parlor, reading room😱

        Lol, hardcover version would look mag-ni-ficent! And now I want to get Evelyn HugoπŸ˜‚

        It has been fun! And we’ve got to know each other more πŸ˜„ And no worries cuz xD I want to reply when I’m in the frame of mind to do it properly. And oh, so THAT’S what blog hopping is? Just got to know now 😁 I also do it only when I have a genuine want to. I’m so glad to know that you do, too!


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