October Bullet Journal Set-up

It’s almost time for October!! I’m not a Halloween person but I’m still an all-in autumn-lover. And October is the queen of fall. To boost my autumnal mood, I recently got a large cinnamon chai -scented WoodWick candle that crackles as it burns and I have been stocking up in cozy sweaters. Obviously I had to match my bullet journal layout for October with the autumnal deliciousness.


I rarely devote a full spread for welcoming the next month but this time I got an idea that I wanted to try out. I’m planning to add quick notes and link them to the relevant day on the outside of the borders. I also added a quote by J.K Rowling which is probably quite difficult to read from the picture:

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book.”

I’m clearly anticipating a book filled October!



My first weekly spread for October is super simple. In September I used a spread per week set-up but I want to see whether I can deal with a little less space in October. We’ll see in a week whether I sorely regret this decision *nervous laughter*.


There are soooo many good movies coming out this fall (and early 2019) that I decided to list them in my bujo. So often I want to go to the cinema only to realise that they are showing nooothiiiing interesting. But this fall is different and I’ll try my best to enjoy it while it lasts!! You probably can’t read the list so here it is (with some random commentary haha):

  • Crazy Rich Asians
    • 14th of Sep
    • I still haven’t seen it!! EEK!
  • A Simple Favour
    • 21st of Sep
    • Eeeek I have to go see this one too!
  • The Little Stranger
    • 20th of Sep
    • TRIPLE EEEK I need to read the book too!
  • A Star is Born
    • 2nd of Oct
    • No regrets I loove some Lady Gaga
  • The Hate U Give
    • 22nd of Oct
    • I didn’t love love love the book but the subject matter is really important
  • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • 26th of Oct
    • Rami Malek in a mustache, a must see.
  • Mirai
    • 2nd of Nov
    • By Ghibli but I’m not too sure if the story will get me hooked
  • Aquaman
    • 14th of Dec
    • This one looks so ridiculous that I need it in my life
  • Mary Poppins Returns
    • 21st of Dec
    • Around this time I should be done with my university exams and then I need some Poppins to bring me back to life
  • The Favourite
    • 4th of Jan
    • UUuuuh I can’t wait until this one comes out! It looks so hilarious! Go watch the trailer.
  • Mary, Queen of Scots
    • 18th of Jan
    • I have heard it’s not historically accurate but I still need some bad-ass queens in my life. And I live in Scotland so this movie is basically compulsory.
  • Colette
    • 25th of Jan
    • A movie about writing and books? YEEEES.

Okay wait, this was supposed to be a bullet journal post.

The right page is dedicated for the Extra Credit in Charms Magical Readathon. This is a short readathon related to the Harry Potter inspired OWLs and NEWTs readathons hosted by Book Roast. Check some extra info here, my TBR will be up soon! I can’t wait!


My second weekly spread for October has a completely different design. And I made a mess of it by accidentally writing in ‘September’ first. Oh weeell, bullet journal is the place to embrace mistakes. I have used this weekly spread style before and I really like how it looks. It also tends to look awful after those two weeks. I note things here and there and use arrows and cross stuff out. At the end of October this one will look like a delicious battlefield of life planning.


Last spread for October! Sorry about the wonky picture. In this weekly layout I decided to go with a full spread and golden colour tones instead of orange in preparation for November. The quotes are somewhat illegible from the picture, so the top left one says

How a single word can make a heart open

and the lower left one says

I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.

the top right one says

Starting right now I’ll be strong

All of them are lyrics from Fight Song by Rachel Platten.


What do you think of my set-up for October? Do you have a bullet journal, what is your set-up like?

Do you have any delicious plans for October? I’m hoping to read as much as possible!! Every bookaholic should get a paid holiday from work and school and university to cozy up with books. Sadly the employers and professors haven’t yet discovered how very important this is. One day, bookaholics, one day!!

Any movies I should add to my list? And are you taking part in the extra credit readathon?

Thank you so much for reading!

– Pauliina



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