NEWTs 2018 Readathon TBR

A Harry Potter inspired readathon? SIGN ME UP.

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NEWTs, Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests, is a new readathon hosted by the potterlicious Book Roast. NEWTs run for the entirety of August and the readathon is a follow up to OWLs (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) readathon that was organised in April 2018. If you did not take part in OWLs, worry not! You can still take part in NEWTs!

If you are interested, go check out the wonderful Book Roast’s NEWTs announcement video here for all the important bits.

I took part in OWLs (AND LOVED IT) last April. At that time I hadn’t yet discovered the deliciousness of book blogging and so there is no digital footprint of my OWL journey. Just to sum up, I finished 5 books and thus received an Outstanding for my efforts 🀩 I passed the following subjects: Arithmancy, Charms, Herbology, Potions and Transfiguration.

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Some info on the readathon:

In NEWTs, you can only do prompts on subjects you passed in OWLs. (But if you didn’t do OWLs just have a pick) To pass the readathon, you need to have an Outstanding in one subject and at least an Acceptable in another one. For each subject, there are three prompts in this magical information sheet. If you read one book that fits a prompt, you get an Acceptable for that subject. If you read two books for a subject, you get an Exceeds Expectations, while if you read all three, you are awarded an Outstanding. You can use a book only once per prompt and you have to achieve Acceptable before Exceeds Expectations and likewise you need to have completed Exceeds Expectations to unlock the Outstanding prompt. So this readathon is indeed Nastily Exhausting

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Untitled picture


Untitled picture


I have no idea if State of Sorrow actually includes magic, I’m just expecting it does because it is fantasy.

Untitled picture


Too like the LIGHTning? That works right?

Untitled picture


Untitled picture


My transfiguration trio is a bit on the grey-side.


Currently I feel like I might try to get my Outstanding from Artihmancy or Charms. I’ll try to stick to this TBR but I might switch things around as I start reading.

Are you taking part? I hope you are! Any of your faves in my TBR? Which subjects should I prioritize?

Thank you so much for reading!

– Pauliina


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