Summer TBR Wipeout 2018 – Intro Post

I’ll never get enough of reading challenges, and so I simply couldn’t resist when I heard from Arden @ Phantom Paper about a Summer TBR Wipeout reading challenge that is being hosted by The Candid Cover from July to mid-August.

Within the next month I’ll have a go at trying to shorten my ever growing TBR pile

books GIF

I would like to conquer at least 10 books but I’m happy with anything above 5!

I’m including a couple books in my TBR that I’ve already started but I’m less than 50% done with. Here’s what I would like to read during the reading challenge:


My TBR includes 3 audiobooks, 5 ebooks and 7 physical copies 🙂

As a mood reader I reserve the right to pick up something that wasn’t planned haha.

Next update on my progress will be posted around July 16th!


What are your Summer reading plans? I’m currently taking part in the Tome Topple Readathon too but  I accidentally started reading My Favourite Thing is Monsters two days ago even though I’m supposed to be reading over 500 page tomes only! OOOPS.

Thank you for reading!





17 thoughts on “Summer TBR Wipeout 2018 – Intro Post

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Wow, you’ve got some amazing books on your list, might I say. I’m thinking of getting Six of Crows. I wish I could get Vicious, too, but it’s outta my budget right now 😛

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    • I’m pretty excited for Six of Crows too! For some odd reason I told myself that I need to read the Grisha trilogy before starting it so I have to read Ruin & Rising first before starting Six of Crows 😅 I happened to find Vicious in my local library. Your TBR seemed awesome as well!

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      • Thanks! Haha, that’s not such a bad idea actually. It might introduce the Grisha world better…or in ways six of crows won’t. Lucky you! Do you have to pay a library fee where you are?

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      • I’m very grateful that I don’t have to pay any library fees! Makes life so much easier as a book-devouring student 😀 So sad if you can’t access a library! Have you taken the advantage of different free trials in Scribd, Kindle Unlimited and Audible? I’m currently on a 30-day free trial on Scribd and they have pretty awesome audiobooks!

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      • There’s a public library here but they require a small fee(which isn’t such a big deal) and I don’t have a car. 😥

        I remember Scribd! They have audiobooks now?? Might check it out, thanks! I’ve yet to try out the audio form 😛 Scribd used to be an unregulated document sharing site where people uploaded pirated books, too.


      • Oooh I had no idea about Scribd’s dark past 😱 Now they have loads of ebooks and audiobooks and I remember reading somewhere that they pay the royalties via the monthly membership fees but I have to check! Also, I think the ebook and audiobook offerings differ between different countries but I’m not sure how much. I see a bunch of new releases there too!

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  2. GOOD LUCK!!! you have a lot of great books on your list!!!!
    I haven’t heard of Memory of Water (adding it to my tbr after this challenge is done, sounds really good!) and I want to read The Way of Kings too!!!

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    • THANK YOU 😍 😊 I just started Memory of Water and I’m like 50 pages in. Seems good so far! It is a very realistic dystopian world where everyone is running out of water due to climate change. And The Way of Kings has been SO GOOD. Highly recommend!!


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