Most anticipated new releases of Summer


There are so many awesome books coming out this Summer that Idk how my bank account is going to cope. While I can’t buy all of them, these new releases of June-August are definitely the ones I’m going to be drooling over.



A Thousand Perfect Notes by C. G. Drews


7th of June

YA, contemporary

While I don’t read contemporaries very often, this book I can’t wait to get my hands on! I have been following C. G. Drews a.k.a PaperFury on Instagram and her blog for some time now, and she is a true wizard of words! She has used her magic for good and written a book. If you don’t know her, go ahead and check out her blog and Instagram, she is probably the funniest (and most colourful) person alive. Not even kidding.

The book sounds really good even when we don’t think of the high expectations that come from the author being a word-wizard. It’s a story about Beck whose violent mother forces him to play the piano. Beck has got his own hopes and dreams but he is scared to stand up to his mother. Check Goodreads here for a more detailed synopsis.

I love that cover

(I have seen that it makes a full butterfly if you either murder the spine or buy two copies)!

Starless by Jacqueline Carey


12th of June


I ran across Starless while leisurely browsing Goodreads and the synopsis got me intrigued. I have never read anything by Jacqueline Carey before and I know next to nothing about this book.

BUT according

to the synopsis, it will be a fantasy in which exiled gods live among people. Just from that I’m already convinced that I have to have this book. If you need a bit more to go on, this book also has warriors, deception, princesses and destruction. Have a read through Goodreads for the full synopsis.

Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian


14th of June

YA, fantasy

Ash Princess was published in the US already on the 24th of April. On that day, I eagerly checked Amazon because I was dying to get this book. Well the disappointment was monumental when I realised that the book wouldn’t be available in the UK before the 14th of June. And, finally, the release date is in sight!

Sadly Ash Princess has received some mixed reviews since its publishing date in the US, but I still want to read it. I’m expecting it to be a dark fantasy filled with political intrigue and lots of twists. The Goodreads synopsis starts like this

The queen you were meant to be

The land you were meant to save

The throne you were meant to claim

I’m excited! Let me know how you felt about it if you have already read it!

Storm Glass by Jeff Wheeler


19th of June

YA, scifi, fantasy

Jeff Wheeler is the author of the Kingfountain series, and even though I haven’t read it yet, I can’t wait to get to it. Storm Glass starts a new series called the Harbinger, and it will be a mixture of scifi and fantasy. From the synopsis I gather that in this world the poor live on the ground while the rich get to learn magic and live on the sky. The world is harshly divided into these opposites, and the story follows a girl from the ground and another who lives in the skies. Pretty cool. Here’s its Goodreads.



Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik


10th of July

Fantasy, retelling

This is one of my top-5 most anticipated books of 2018! I loved Uprooted by Naomi Novik, and it made its way into my all-time favourites. Spinning Silver is not exactly a sequel or anything, but it has a similar style to Uprooted.

Spinning Silver is a loose retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. I have to admit that I have never read one of those before. I think the main character’s family are moneylenders, but they are not doing a great job and thus they suffer from poverty. I want to go into this gem blind, but hop to Goodreads for more info.

Also, that cover is gorgeous!

Record of a Spaceborn Few by Becky Chambers


26th of July


July is a month of greatness, because the Wayfarers series is also one of my favourites. The series gets its third installment on the 26th, YIPPIE. I highly recommend both the Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and Common and Closed Orbit. The books in this series are loosely related to each other, but I still recommend reading them in order.

First of all, I love that cover.

Don’t quote me on this, but I think that Record of a Spaceborn Few tells us about the Exodus Fleet, the space-ship that transported humans from Earth to space. From experience I know to expect heart-warming characters and events that will rip that newly-warmed heart out of my chest. Goodreads synopsis here.

Sea Witch by Sarah Henning


31st of July

Fantasy, retelling, YA

I recently finished To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo, a retelling of little mermaid. I wasn’t expecting much but I ended up really enjoying it (I’ll have more to say in my May wrap-up, sooon!). Now I’m inspired to give a chance to another little mermaid retelling.

I really like it when synopses start with a short verse, so I’ll quote here the one Sea Witch was given:

Everyone knows what happens in the end.

A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s kiss.

But before that young siren’s tale, there were three friends.

One feared, one royal, and one already dead.

I’m expecting something a little bit cheesy, dark and eerie, and maybe action-packed. More on Goodreads.

Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton


31st of July

YA, fantasy

Heart of Thorns has a very intriguing premise; an ancient kingdom that is plagued by demons who can manipulate bodies, and thus kill without leaving any visible damage.

This will be Bree Barton’s debut. I can’t wait to have it! Goodreads.




Mirage by Somaiya Daud


28th of August

YA, fantasy, scifi

Mirage is a story about Amani who dreams of writing poetry and going on adventures instead of staying in the isolated moon she lives in. Amani will get her adventure, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be quite as she expected it to be.

This book has captured me because it slighly reminds me of Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor, which just, you know, happens to be my favourite book of all time. I might be horribly wrong, but Strange the Dreamer in space sounds pretty good and I’m here for it.

21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari


August 2018, but no exact date yet

Nonfiction, history, science, politics

The only nonfiction book on the list is by Yuval Noah Harari who has written the widely-popular books Sapiens: A brief history of humankind and Homo Deus: A brief history of tomorrow. I read Homo Deus this March and I enjoyed it. Yuval Noah Harari is an excellent writer.

I think this book will be exactly what it says in its title hah. Goodreads tells me that while Sapiens focused on the past, and Homo Deus focused on the future, 21 Lessons will be exploring the present day.


Here are my most anticipated releases for this Summer! The list is strongly dominated by YA fantasy, but I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome literary fiction releases as well. They are simply harder to find because the hype is usually on the YA.

Which releases are you anticipating?

Thank you so much for reading!

– Pauliina



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